Exterior Crack Repair

Don’t want your drywall or anything else disturbed in your finished basement or just prefer and outside fix?

Then an exterior repair of that cracked foundation is best for you.

Exterior Crack Repair Benefits

Although the repair method and materials are the exact same as an interior repair, we do go the extra mile by installing a piece of Delta MS membrane over the repair and have it sealed tight with moulding strips and tar to provide that extra layer of water deterrent.

Once excavation is complete we are able to do an examination of the exterior drain tile system. We will be able to show you the condition and the remaining life span of the drain tile.

Using the John Deere 35G Mini Excavator as our primary source of excavating gives us a great mobility around the yard and the ability to squeeze into tight spaces to do our work effectively.

As the same with our Interior Crack Repair, the exterior repair is covered by our Water Shield Guarantee. This is a 20-year workmanship and product guarantee.


  • We start off by carefully bringing in our mini excavator so we do not damage any of your property, we drive on sheets of plywood so we do no tear up the lawn or disturb anything else.

  • Once the excavator is at the location of the repair and a visual inspection is completed of the surroundings we begin to dig a small area around the crack. The soil is placed on more plywood for easier more efficient clean up.

  • Once the crack is exposed to the footing we begin to clean the area and prep for injection using our two-part polyurethane injection method. After Injection is complete we go the extra mile by applying a waterproofing membrane over the repair.

  • While we are down in the pit we also do a complimentary drain tile analysis and will inform you of the remaining life span.

  • Once complete the soil is back filled and the area cleaned up. It will virtually look as we were not even there.


The repair method and product is exactly the same. The only difference is we get to add an exterior membrane over the repair for that added protection. Both repairs come with the same warranty.

We do our best to minimize any damages to the yard. We use plywood to help maneuver the excavator and do a thorough cleanup after the repair. We always try our hardest and respect your yard when arriving with our equipment.

It all depends on the weather we are experiencing. We generally say from the middle of May to the End of October. Exceptions apply of course.

Our Water Shield Guarantee is completely transferable upon selling. No transfer fees or gimmicks. We stand by our work no matter who owns the home.

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