Exterior Drain Tile

Drain tiles are an integral part of a well-maintained house. Just like how a shingled roof keeps water above your head out, a properly installed drain tile keeps water beneath your feet out of your house.

Drain tiles remove static pressure build up and unwanted water away from your foundation.

With Total’s Water Defensive System installed around the foundation, you can enjoy worry free living in your basement.


By having an exterior drain tile installed, you are getting the ultimate waterproofing repair. Our know-how and many years of experience gives you the absolute best repair in the industry.

Having the membrane installed on the exterior of the wall stops all leaks and directs ground water into the drain stone and to the newly installed drain pipe. This is especially effective on block walls.

This is a multi lifetime repair. The industry estimation on a properly installed drain tile is 100+ years life span.

While we have the trench open to install the new drain tile. We fix any cracking or other issues that may arise to help keep your foundation standing strong for years to come.

How it’s done

  • We start off by carefully bringing in our mini excavator so we do not damage any of your property.

  • Once the excavator is at the location of the repair and a visual inspection is completed of the surroundings we begin safely digging our trench and commence the replacement.


A: Total is responsible for all underground locates. We call  the proper authorities to come mark out all utilities and have a safety talk with them so everyone who is involved remains safe. It’s our number 1 priority.

A: We like to take our time and safely and correctly do the job. You can expect us to roughly be there for a whole week.

A: Total will inform you what needs to be moved by a professional and what we can move and replace ourselves. It is strongly recommended that the landscaping where the repair was is giving time to properly settle. We do our best to compact but sinking will occur. The team does rake up rocks/debris and dispose of them so the surface is smooth. Total can bring in topsoil to be spread over the repair at the customer’s request.

A: Yes! This falls under our Water Shield Guarantee. 20-year workmanship and product Guarantee.

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