Interior Crack Repair

Did you know that foundation cracks and other leaks can be repaired from the interior with the same effectiveness as an exterior repair at a fraction of the cost and time.

Cracks and other leaks can be repaired from the interior using a two part polyurethane low pressure injection method which does not only stop the leak but helps maintain the structural integrity of the foundation. This flexible polyurethane expands and contracts with the season’s temperature changes which ensure a complete repair.

This Method saves you time, money, a torn up yard from excavation and comes with a 20 year warranty which is also transferrable upon selling.

Other leaks include;
Tie Holes, Well & Septic Lines, Cold Joints and Others.


Some of the benefits of having an interior injection are:

  • Can be done any time of the year, rain, snow or shine!

  • It’s a less invasive repair than having it done from the outside.

  • It carries the same warranty as an exterior repair.

  • It’s much more cost effective than outside repairs.


A. Generally the repair will take around two hours per crack but can vary on certain scenarios. The cure time on the injection product is almost instantaneous. Which means you can carry on with other projects like drywall and flooring.

A. Yes we do! We offer a 20 Year Guarantee on our workmanship. The Warranty is transferable upon selling. We just ask that you notify us of the sale.

A. We carry a large assortment of injection products for every kind of foundation issue out there. So there is really no job too big or small for us to tackle.

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