Window Well &
Egress Window

Window wells are mostly installed for the purpose of having “Egress” windows installed. Building code requires that you have a certain size window as an emergency exit in a living area in the basement, while some are installed to bring in more daylight. Having these windows cut down below the grade of the house make it an ample place for water to gather and cause problems. Having proper window wells installed will eliminate these issues.

We start off by carefully bringing in our mini excavator so we do not damage any of your property, we drive on sheets of plywood so we do not tear up the lawn or disturb anything else. Once the excavator is at the location of the repair and a visual inspection is completed of the surroundings we begin to dig the area around the window. We dig the area right down to the footing. Once down at the footing we attach a coupling to the existing drain tile and then a solid drain pipe up to the bottom of the window well area. This takes any surface water directly to the exterior drain tile and away from the foundation. A complimentary drain tile analysis will be completed while we are down in the pit as well.

We then attach the appropriate size galvanized window well with steel concrete anchors and backfill around it. We fit a grated cover to the drain pipe and top it all off with some drainage stone.

Once complete the area will virtually look untouched.


  • Allows you to legally comply with building codes that allow you to have a living space in the basement.
  • Allows more natural sunlight to penetrate into the basement.

  • Can help easily turn an unused basement into a living area such as an apartment or airbnb.

  • Helps drain unwanted water into the drain tile.


A: Yes we can! We can do it from start to finish, even including the interior trim.

A: A professionally installed egress window could potentially lower your home insurance rate.

A: We do! We use Extreme Windows and Doors as our manufacturer.

A: 100%, These are a mandatory second fire escape from the living area.

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